Messages by Chief Prelates of Buddhist Temple

 Message by the Chief Prelate of the Malwathu Chapter, Most Venerable Thibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thera.

‘Let’s stand in unison to build a healthy nation and prosperous Sri Lanka’ 

The Island of Sri Lanka has been nurtured with Sacred Buddhism and is inherited with a proud history for more than two thousand five hundred years. As a nation, we have faced many foreign invasions as well as other challenges during this long years. Our ancestors who were inculcated with noble human values such as loving-kindness (metta), compassion (karuna), joy (mudita), and equanimity (upekha) were able to win all these challenges through the way of Buddhist philosophy. Therefore, it is a duty by all Sri Lankans to remember all the national heroes who made commitments to win independence, sovereignty, and National Defense; and pass on merits to them on this occasion where the country is celebrating the 73rd Independence Day.

The lessons learned in the history reiterate that all of us should rise as one nation in unity to build a prosperous country, a healthy nation, and create peace and harmony in society. The duty of the rulers of the country is to provide right-employment to the aspirants, fulfill their hopes and include the human resources in bringing about prosperity in the country. Buddhism teaches that both the employer and the employee essentially follow the right lifestyle to enhance the development of a country. At this decisive moment where we have been troubled by the global coronavirus epidemic, it is the sole responsibility of all the citizens to keep aside the existing petty differences if any and, develop kindness, compassion, and generosity; and act together to solve the prevailing social and economic hardships. 

‘Peril calls for Wisdom’ is the Buddha Word.  Adhering to this perennial truth, It is high time that all the patriotic forces stood in unison on one platform to introduce home-grown national polices and get them implemented to ensure sustainable development in the country, a decent lifestyle for her people and, to safeguard local cultural and moral values.

May Triple Gem bless; and, strength, courage, and fortune may befall on all the citizens in their efforts to achieve their good life goals such as the growth of the country and prosperity. Celebrate a meaningful independence day accordingly.

Most Venerable Thibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thera,

The Chief Prelate of the Malwathu Chapter,

Chief Incumbent of Pushparama Temple in Kandy. 


Message by the Chief Incumbent of Sri Bhayagiri (Asgiri) Wijayasunderaramaya, Historical Badulu Mutiyangana Ancient Temple and Chief Prelate of Main Monastery of Asgiriya Chapter, Most Venerable Dr. Warakagoda Dhammasiddi Sri Pangnananda Gnanarathana Thera.

Our nation is inherited with a proud history of thousands of years but, the historical truth is that our people had divided themselves during certain eras in the past and, lost the sovereignty and independence of the nation. Consequently, our country was invaded by foreign forces, and, at last, the island remained a British Colony for over 15 decades where our religious, social, and cultural practices were outshined. Nonetheless, Sri Lankans were deprived of unity among them, their moral values, peace, and plenty in the country as well as all the privileges they enjoyed as a nation in the past. 

As a result of the untiring efforts made at life risk by national heroes including religious front runners and lay idols to save the country from that jeopardy, we were able to free our motherland from the Colonial Masters on February 4, 1948.

73 years have passed since then. Other countries that won independence from colonial rulers during the same period have raised on their own feet to become the Independent States. Comparing ours to that of the nations, they have achieved in many spheres including economic and social development enabling their citizens to enjoy the tangible benefits of real independence. But it is no secret that we are a nation that has still been backpacking religious, political, and other social differences and limping towards impoverishment for long years. Therefore, the collective responsibility of the entire nation is to use this important annual event to shun such trivialities and stand peacefully in unison to build a strong nation.

May the Sacred Tooth bless on this 73rd Independence Day to enable Sri Lanka to build a prosperous nation for everybody to lead a contented life despite the threats that have posed by the prevailing global coronavirus epidemic.

Chief Incumbent of Bhayagiri (Asgiri) Wijayasunderaramaya in Kandy, Historical Mutiyangana Ancient Temple in Badulla and Chief Prelate of Main Monastery of Kandy Asgiriya Chapter, Most Venerable Dr. Warakagoda Dhammasiddi Sri Pangnananda Gnanarathana Thera. 


Message by the Chief Prelate of the Sri Lanka Ramangya Maha Nikaya, Aggamaha Panditha Most Venerable Makulawe Sri Wimala Thera.

Our motherland, Sri Lanka completes freedom from the Colonial Rule and mark 73 years independence on February 4, 2021.  Out of this long period of time, we were compelled to live in agony for 30 years due to terrorism and civil war. Although freedom was granted nominally on February 4, 1948, the country declared the Democratic Socialist Republic on May 22, 1972 thereby liberating the impediments that had been imposed on our nation by the Colonial rulers. But we cannot feel a real sense of true independence since then. The main reason is that we are buried up to the neck in international borrowings and economic hardships. 

Any country can gain complete freedom only through self-sufficiency and economic freedom. The happiness of independence could be felt by different communities including the members of political, moral, religious, and social strata when they are availed to enjoy equal rights.  We have passed 73 years since independence but it is no secret that our country is still lagging behind such true independence. Although we are inheritors of a beautiful island that is endowed with plenty of natural sources; we have been purposely destroying them and losing their returns for the generations to come. Respect for the motherland and trust for the National Defense needs to be created in the minds of the citizens.  As the Old Adage goes ‘The Mother and The Motherland are above any other choice including the heaven’ is acceptable to citizens in any country even in the present context. Therefore, the rulers of the regime in power should protect the motherland without letting foreign elements to claim the tenure of it, relieve the people from the international debt burden and, create economic independence for the people to enjoy full freedom through a self-sufficient and simple lifestyle. The politicians should thoroughly keep in mind that they are voted to power for a temporary period of time to rule the country and, when they become custodians of the nation, their sole responsibility is to ensure the honor of the country, National Defense, and freedom for the nation.

Therefore, all the rulers and the citizens are requested to think that the path to true independence is national unity and religious harmony and, act accordingly with national dignity and patriotism.

Aggamaha Panditha Most Venerable Makulawe Sri Wimala Thera.

The Chief Prelate of the Sri Lanka Ramangya Maha Nikaya.

Message by the Chief Prelate of the Sri Lanka Amarapura Maha Nikaya, Aggamaha Panditha, Most Venerable Kotugoda Dhammawasa Thera.

Having passed more than three centuries under three eras of colonial rule, Sri Lanka begins its 73rd year today since it was granted independence on February 4, 1948. In the seven decades after Independence, we have reached a time of contentment where we can be satisfied to some extent with the progress we made today. Sri Lanka is currently improved more than that of the past amid various political chaos including a 30-year civil war. Economic issues of the country and the public woes have been complicating the nation however and, our opinion is that the government and the people should engage in a faster journey to solve such issues. At the same time, we have been achieving satisfactory progress in the scope of education than that of the situation in the past.   The correct path should be chosen towards prospering the country by fostering her children with values, knowledge, and disciplines.  It is high time we all shredded communal, religious, and other petty differences and, walk arm in arm towards our common goals.

The advent of new technology is a positive factor for the growth of the world but certain nations have been abusing this know-how thereby posing a grave threat to the fauna and flora on the entire planet. We have also contributed our share to such irreparable devastation. The future of the country depends on the generations to come; therefore they should be led on the correct path. We should act wisely to create social morals pursued by peace and plenty. A wave of a different mode of crimes takes place in the island consequent to the loss of morals in society. We have reached a turning point today in taking concrete and pragmatic measures to prevent such tragedies.  The honest determination of all of us on this noble day of the 73rd National Independence should be to work hard towards peace and prosperity. It is imperative that the State should give people the right guidelines.

Every responsible citizen should abide by the health guidelines that have been recommended by the Health Authorities with regard to the COVID-19 global epidemic. They need to extend their fullest cooperation to the Government to prevent the killer disease – coronavirus.

Wish the country and her citizen a future of peace and plenty.

Most Venerable Kotugoda Dhammawasa Nayake Thera


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