Independence Day Message from Methodist Church Sri Lanka

 Message for the 73rd Independence Day Celebration of Sri Lanka

We rejoice with thanksgiving to God, as we people of Sri Lanka celebrate the 73rd anniversary of our Independence, the day we commemorate being freed from nearly five centuries of Western Colonial rule, the longest in Asia.

All celebrations should lead towards renewed commitments to preserve and cherish the values we celebrate. We need to commit ourselves to preserve the human dignity, the values of peace, tolerance, harmony and other people centered and community oriented perspectives we obtained through the Independence. This we do as a Sri Lankan family, regardless of our creed, language or ethnicity. We have to collectively work towards the fullness of freedom for all Communities in all spheres of life, of all our people.

The path ahead is not easy. The global pandemic and its negative effects on the poorer sections of our people, the rise of intolerance and exclusive attitudes which is on the rise universally has to be contained and the root causes eliminated. We need to collectively pool all our spiritual and material resources to effectively overcome these challenges as one Sri Lankan family.

While joining hands with all our people in celebrating this joyous occasion, we as a Methodist Community pledge to do all we can to preserve and foster the positive fruits of our Independence, and to serve the nation and its people towards their welfare and well being.

Rev. W.P. Ebenezer Joseph

President of Conference


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