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Army Commander General Shavendra Silva in an exclusive interview with Lanka Courier opens up about his upbringing and what was it that led him to be where he is today. 


Press Release by Lanka Courier 

3rd March 2021, Colombo: While the name Lanka Courier may not be familiar to all, its first ever documentary titled “Truth behind Dare” has sent shockwaves and captivated viewers around the world. On data assimilated by the editors of the magazine, within 24 hours of the documentary being aired on February 23rd, nearly 2 million views were recorded, making it a thumping record for a documentary of this nature, done on a very small scale with zero budget.  

It begs the question as to why the documentary is so widely shared, forwarded and talked about in many political and non-political circles. The answer is simple. The documentary, a collection of never before seen footage brought to light the type of atrocities and the extent that these inhumane activities were carried out by the Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE). The documentary spoke to the hearts of the Diaspora and Tamils alike, because it revealed, in raw and uncensored manner, the acts that the LTTE is most proud off, which is sanctimoniously endorsed by those sympathizing with the terrorist group. The video since its launch has been produced in Sinhala, Tamil, Hindi, French, Chinese, German and many more languages. 

Lanka Courier on its crusade to expose the truth, in its second edition which was published today reveals information pertaining to the last and final phase of the war against the LTTE which had been hidden from public domain. Rubawathy Keetheeswaran, the District Secretary of Kilinochchi, was the first witness after a bloody protracted war. She talks to Lanka Courier on what it was like to work in a ghost town and receive the first influx of innocent civilians who had fled for their lives. She reminisces of the missing children and talks candidly to Tamils living here and abroad. 

Army Commander General Shavendra Silva in an exclusive interview with Lanka Courier opens up about his upbringing and what was it that led him to be where he is today. Despite being served a travel ban, after risking his life in one of the most daring humanitarian operations Riviresa, he talks candidly about the war, the army and his duty. 

Meanwhile, the Director General of Health Services Dr. Asela Gunawardena calls on the general public to heed to health warnings. He clears the air on the misconceptions regarding immunization and why it remains important for Sri Lankans to take the jab. 

While Sri Lanka continues to be debated before the United Nations Human Rights Council, questions have arisen regarding the global body’s commitment to human rights. The Security Council couldn’t even call for a ceasefire in conflict zones due to the prevailing pandemic. Has the UN failed in its mission? Dr. Thomas G. Weiss, a Presidential Professor at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center and Director of the Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies talks of the UN’s relevance in today’s world talks to Lanka Courier.  

In this second issue Lanka Courier continues to shed light on the President’s novel program “Discussion with the Village”, following the President as he embarks on every visit. The articles put locations on the map that had been largely ignored prior to the President’s visit, bringing to life the people of each village and their stories that make them unique. 

Lanka Courier is a non-profit and volunteer-based media initiative with a mandate to disseminate accurate information on national issues in Sri Lanka while paying attention mutual benefits and mutual sensitivity in regional and global context. Lanka Courier edited by Nilantha Ilangamuwa and Rukshana Rizwie and designed by Dhammika Rajapaksha with multimedia by L.A.V. Lakshman Dias. 

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