Editorial: Let’s Tell The World, Yes We Can!

Help our nation to develop by accepting, recognizing, and respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country without interference in domestic affairs

Dissemination of fabricated stories about Sri Lanka is a regular occurrence which continues to cause irreparable damage. Consequently, the reputation of the country and its law-abiding citizens are being hampered by the various parties engaging in heinous acts with vested interests. Some have propagated a series of inaccurate news based solely on biased sources regarding the war against the LTTE. Sri Lanka launched defensive operations to save its people from the clutches of terrorists, the LTTE who ruthlessly engaged in ethnic cleansing, mass slaughter. This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Throughout its history, Sri Lanka has stood for peace and unity by defending and promoting pluralism. Sri Lanka was one of the first nations to declare their maritime territory a peace zone. What Sri Lanka truly needs today is not interference in her domestic affairs, but regional and global cooperation to recognize the potential and unstinted support for national development while respecting mutual sensitivities.

(Excerpts from the Editorial in print version of Lanka Courier, Volume 01 Number 01)

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