Independence Day message by the Bishop of Colombo

 Independence Day message by the Bishop of Colombo

Wish all Sri Lankan communities goodness and good health as the 73rd Independence is celebrated by the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka today.

73 years means an average lifespan of a person. He or she is matured enough in life at that age and it is the time for such persons to take a little time to walk down memory lane and recollect the nostalgia, and assess the past, whether such persons have led a productive life. We are annually given an opportunity right on the 4th of February to evaluate the manner we have been governed by ourselves, as a country and nation.

We can shine ourselves as a matured community if our society has included the signs of a forward march with unity in diversity enabling different ethnic communities to amicably protect their identity and, nurture in diverse cultures and religious practices endemic to them.

I determinedly wish that all Sri Lankans united together to march forward in order to introduce a new political culture which would give rise to an economic upsurge that would bring about true freedom to the masses; expel abject poverty from the island and adhere to the values of democracy in the years to come.

With the Prayers by devotees of the Church of Ceylon Diocese of Colombo, and their participation, we would make our commitments to create an inseparable Sri Lanka.

Towards a prosperous and healthy tomorrow!

Rt. Revd. Dushantha Rodrigo,

Bishop of Colombo

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