Independence Day Message by Ramakrishna Mission

We, the citizens of Sri Lanka, are celebrating the 73rd Independence Day. This day gives us a satisfaction that we are not under anybody. We stand on our own. We can grow and take care of ourselves without the ruling of some external authority. This is to be remembered and we celebrate it to remind us the value of freedom we got on this day.

Nothing is free in this world. Similarly, freedom also not free. Many people have worked for it and got it for us. We must remember all of them and pay tribute to them for the sacrifices they had done for getting this freedom.

When we are under somebody, who is not belonging to our culture, our cultural growth is limited. It was a struggle for all citizens of Sri Lanka to maintain our culture. We may belong to various cultures within Sri Lanka, but as Sri Lankans we belong to one country and have common interests. In this way the struggle made by all of us to keep our culture is tremendous. Now we are free to maintain our culture. This one advantage of freedom.

Moreover, economic freedom also necessary for the growth of the country. Before freedom the economic growth was not enjoyed by us, but by the foreign rulers. It was not a good sign for any Sri Lankans. But after independence we are free to work for the economic growth of the country and enjoy the fruits of that growth also. It is the advantage of freedom which we got on this day 73 years ago.

On the happy occasion of the, 73rd Independence Day of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, I pray to the Lord, to shower His choicest blessings, on HIS Excellency the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, his cabinet colleagues, and all the people of Sri Lanka for peace, happiness and prosperity. It is also my privilege to convey my Love, greetings and the best wishes to one and all the nation at large.

Yours in the Lord

Swami Aksharatmananda

Vice President/Chairman

Ramakrishna Mission

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